Welcome to ‘Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Laboratory’ at Kyoto University

We investigate the magnetism of metals and compounds, particularly quantum phenomena at low temperatures.


20/02/2010   Symposium ”New trend in metallic magnetism and its application to material science”

                    was hosted at Kyoto University (supported by GCOE)

17/03/2010    The article by Waki et al was selected as “Papers of Editors’ Choice”

                    in Journal of Physical Society of Japan (Vol.79 No.4)

                    See “News and Comments” at http://jpsj.ipap.jp/news/jpsj-nc_66.html

27/09/2010    Turkey party at Mt. Hiei

01/10/2010     Yamazaki received Ph.D and moved to ISSP, Univ. Tokyo

15/11/2010     The article by Tabata et al was selected as “Papers of Editors’ Choice”

                    in Journal of Physical Society of Japan (Vol.79 No.12)

                    See “News and Comments” at http://jpsj.ipap.jp/news/jpsj-nc_80.html

05/02/2011   Symposium ”Metallic magnetism and quantum critical phenomena”

                    was hosted at Nara

11/03/2011     Earthquake and tsunami at northeastern Japan

01/07/2011     Ohta (PD) on leave from our lab

                    to work at Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture&Technology as Assistant Prof., Congrats!

14/11/2011      Roast pig party at Mt. Hiei

05/02/2011   Symposium ”Structure of metallic magnets and spin fluctuations”

                    was hosted at Himeji

01/10/2012    Mohamed Abdelkareem Ali Ahmed Kassem joined our lab from Egypt

01/12/2012    Symposium ”Future perspective of metallic magnetism”

                    was hosted at Akashi

18/03/2013    Laboratories moved to ‘Engineering Science Departments Building’ (3rd floor)

10/04/2013    Ohanami at Kamo River side

20/07/2013    Roast pig party at Mt. Hiei again

01/23/2017     Mohamed Abdelkareem Ali Ahmed Kassem received Ph.D

04/02/2017    Mohamed returned to his home country

27/02/2017    Last modified

Brief history of our lab:

A laboratory for the investigation of metallic magnetism was founded by Prof. Yoji Nakamura in Kyoto University in 1963. He managed the lab until his retirement in 1988. After that, the lab was succeeded by Prof. Masayuki Shiga. Now Prof. H. Nakamura continues the study of metallic magnetism after 2007 with younger academic staffs Y. Tabata and T. Waki.

Mailing address:

Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Laboratory

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering

Kyoto University

Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan

Access to Lab:

Our lab locates at Main Campus in Yoshida area.

To get there, see   http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/access/getting/getting_1.htm

To get to lab, see,   http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/access/campus/main.htm  

and find ‘Faculty of Engineering, Engineering Science Departments Building (No.57)’.

Room numbers are 324 (Nakamura), 323 (Tabata), and 321 (Waki).


University homepage:  http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en

Department homepage:  http://www.mtl.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/index.html

Roast pig again  20 July 2013


Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Kyoto University